Hope summer is going great for you! It has finally warmed up in upstate NY. We will have that warm weather for the next few weeks and then start that slide back to winter, so never mind if it high eighties and humid, you won't hear any of us complaining.
www.independantwriters.com is back online ...

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Over the next few weeks all Earth's Survivors book will be retired. If you want the ten book set before they go, I'll send it free. Make sure you tell me the format, ePub, PDF or Mobi. Thanks for the support over the last several years :)
eMail me at: dell@sotofo.com

Earth's Survivors: The Nation Collection
W. W. Watson
The Earth's Survivors Nation Series contains the entire 10 book Earth's Survivors series in one volume. Earth's Survivors follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe; an event that destroy the world as we know it.


America The Dead Survivor Stories Two. Parts of the projects are burning. Jersey is burning. The sky is red-orange, everything across the river is on fire. No one has come... #Horror


Writing and how I get it done...
I have been absorbed in the world of the Outrunners, when I write that is the way it is for me. I jump in and it is as good as a movie for me... #Writing #Blog

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America the Dead: Survivors Stories One
Copyright © 2018 W. G. Sweet. All rights foreign and domestic reserved in their entirety.
Cover Art © Copyright 2018 W. G. Sweet
Some text copyright 2010, 2014, 2015 W. G. Sweet

This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places or incidents d...

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Borderline: Collected Short Stories Dell Sweet He had walked past the mouth of the alleyway twice. There was someone in the car, just a suggestion of a someone, but someone nonetheless. He sighed, turned, and headed into the darkness of the alleyway... https://buff.ly/2EsWfPc

Russia and America's long war escalates. With weapons armed and waiting both believe the other will be the one to flinch. Controlled by powers beyond the earth her fate is left to a small group of survivors to secure.


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